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Navigating EU Posted Workers and A1 Certificates

8th April, 2021

Today we’re focusing on EU Posted Workers and A1 Certificates. These hot topics continue to be areas of focus in the European travel industry for good reason – posted workers are making the news and the consequences and potential fines are significant for employers.

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Business Visitors After Brexit: Short-Term Travel in the Schengen Area

26th March, 2021

If your business travellers stay within the Schengen Area for less than 90 days in any 180-day period, the UK and the EU have agreed to visa-free travel for these short visits. These 90 days can comprise a series of short visits to one or more of the 26 countries in the Schengen zone, or one long visit.

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UK Business Visitors to the EU: One Size Does Not Fit All

18th March, 2021

European Union (EU) business visitors going to the UK have a very clear set of rules and regulations to follow. This week we turn our focus to UK business visitors travelling to the EU. UK nationals who need to travel, work, or live in the EU face more complex scenarios than EU nationals travelling to the UK.

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EU Business Visitors: Understanding the Different Types of Travel to the UK

10th March, 2021

View our comprehensive analysis of the different business travel types for EU business visitors. It is critical for Travel Managers to be aware of the risks including severe financial penalties for non-compliance with the new rules post-Brexit.

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