Brexit Survey Results & Required
Document Checklists for
Business Travellers

Brexit Survey Results & Required Document Checklists for Business Travellers

Thank you to those who participated in our Brexit and Business Travel Survey last month. The survey results found that:

  • The majority (56%) of respondents plan to resume business travel in the second half of this year.
  • 91% of our subscribers would like more information about what is required for business travel post-Brexit.
  • Travel between the EU and UK remains a top post-Brexit compliance concern with 40% of respondents listing EU employees travelling to the UK and 20% of subscribers marking UK employees travelling to the EU as their main concerns.

You can view the full report here.

Top Survey Question: Required Document Checklist for EU Business Visitors

In addition to your survey results, we received many important questions and comments. Topmost among these remarks were requests to provide the required documents for visa-waiver business visitors to carry when travelling between the EU and UK.

In our very first Brexit newsletters, we reviewed the different types of travel both to the UK for EU business visitors and to the EU for UK business visitors. It is important to note that the risks are high for undertaking prohibited activities and penalties for non-compliance are severe. Ensure your trip is compliant by taking the Post-Brexit Travel Assessment.

Take the Assessment

Visa-free business travel for both EU nationals entering the UK and vice versa will look very similar, but there are a few key differences in what documents to bring.

EU nationals entering the UK for visa-free business travel should carry the following:

CIBTvisas advises that travellers check the latest health entry requirements prior to travel. Our Entry Guide is updated daily and provides accurate information regarding COVID-19 testing, registration forms, and quarantine requirements to enter destinations safely and securely.

For UK nationals travelling to EU countries for visa-free business travel, document requirements may vary slightly depending on the specific countries to be visited, so it’s important to always check the requirements based on trip specifics.

However, generally speaking, the following should always be carried by these travellers:

Receive instantaneous required document guidance and a bespoke Support Letter that the traveller may use to facilitate entry to his or her destination with the Post-Brexit Travel Assessment.

Upcoming Series: Work Authorisations

The survey results also indicate that 18% of you are concerned about the steps to take when a work permit is required. In our next series of newsletters, we will examine work authorisations in the UK and the EU and the top items of which you need to be aware.

CIBTvisas understands that business travel after Brexit is complex and ensuring compliance with local regulations is more challenging than ever. The Post-Brexit Business Travel Assessment protects your organisation and travellers from severe penalties of non-compliance.

We can also assist you and your travel programme with work authorisation support and Posted Worker obligations through our immigration division, Newland Chase. We stand ready to partner with your programme. Contact your dedicated CIBTvisas Account Manager today for more information. Don’t have an Account Manager? Contact us.

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