Passport Replacement Coverage

CIBTvisas understands the importance of keeping your passport and visas secure. If your passport is lost, damaged or stolen, the cost and hassle of needing to replace your travel documents can be overwhelming. CIBTvisas offers the Passport Replacement Coverage as an additional service to all our customers.

CIBTvisas recommends that every client and customer takes advantage of CIBTvisas’ Passport Replacement Coverage. With this service, CIBTvisas will assist with the replacement of a lost, stolen, or damaged passport, even whilst abroad. Coverage does not include replacement of expired passports or expired travel visas.

You can purchase the CIBTvisas Passport Replacement Coverage Service at a fee of £11.95 (excl. VAT) for each traveller. The maximum reimbursement of the coverage is £300 per person.

Need to Make a Claim?

If you purchased CIBTvisas’s Passport Replacement Coverage you must notify CIBTvisas if your passport been has lost, stolen or damaged to make a claim.

  1. Notify CIBTvisas.  Call CIBTvisas at 0844 800 4650 to make a claim.  You must have your order number or invoice reference number. We will then send you the forms you need to complete.
  2. Send the completed forms to CIBTvisas. Make a copy of your forms and collected items for your records and send the originals to the location listed in the CIBTvisas Application Pack.
  3. CIBTvisas will provide you with your order status. As soon as we receive your application we will begin processing your request. CIBTvisas will secure the fastest processing time to replace the traveller's lost or stolen passport.  The available processing time is at the discretion of the UK Identity and Passport Service (IPS).  CIBTvisas will email you with a confirmation of receipt and a link to our online tracking tool which allows you to do real-time tracking of your request from the CIBTvisas website.

Service Commitment

The CIBTvisas global team of travel visa and passport specialists is committed to providing our customers and clients with the highest level of personal attention and professional service. CIBTvisas is committed to remaining the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to obtain travel visas and passports.

Fast Passport Renewal

Need your passport quickly? CIBTvisas can renew your UK passport in as little as 6 days.  

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