India Employment Visa

Travellers planning to visit India for the purposes of employment must meet special requirements separate from a business or tourist visa.  The following list of requirements outlines the specific criteria needed to apply for an India Employment Visa.

To obtain an India travel visa you must provide:

  1. Valid Passport.  Your passport must be valid for six months beyond the expiry date of your travel visa and must contain two blank facing pages.
  2. Photographs

    Two front facing, passport sized colour photographs are required.  The photos cannot be scanned.  The photographs must be glued to the indicated spot on the application form.

  3. Visa Application Form

    The Indian Consulate only accepts forms that have been completed online and then printed and signed.  One completed visa application is required.  The form must be printed single-sided and the back of the form must be blank.

  4. Original Company Letter. The visa support letter must be written on the company letterhead of the UK organisation for which the applicant works.  The letter must include all company registration and VAT numbers, the full company address, and the duration of stay.
  5. Additional Information Form. 

    The Indian Consulate requires that one additional information form be completed, signed, and submitted with an employment visa application.

  6. Copy of Employment Contract

    A copy of the employment contract between both participating organizations must be submitted.  The contract must be signed by both parties, state the salary of the employee in Rupees, and discuss the payment of income tax in India.

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