Marella Cruises Visa Service

Marella Cruises are pleased to recommend CIBTvisas as their Passport & Visa service provider. You have been directed to this website where you can download and print the Visa Application Pack so as to obtain the correct travel visa for your upcoming trip.

• The Visa Application Packs below are for UK passport holders (British Citizens) who require a visa for their cruise.

• If a visa is required prior to travelling, non-UK passport holders can click on the Visas tab (on the top of this screen) in order to review the requirements for their nationality.

• Should you have any queries about your application you can contact us by email at or by calling 0207 593 6181.  Please identify yourself as a Marella Cruises client to ensure you are provided with the correct visa information, instructions and discounted pricing.

• Visa requirements are subject to change, please check back closer to your sailing date.

Visas for these countries are not required for cruise passengers or they will be obtained on arrival.

  • Cambodia – You will need to purchase a visa on arrival to the port - even if you are not planning to go ashore. The cost is currently $30 however this is subject to change. To activate the visa, local authorities require all guests to have a passport photo attached to their visa application so please bring a passport photograph with you on your cruise to ensure your application is complete.
  • Cuba – If you're a British citizen, there’s a visa requirement for Cuba, but you don’t need to buy one before your cruise. The visa will be arranged onboard for you and charged to your onboard account at a cost of around £15..
  • Dubai – If you’re a British Citizen you can obtain a visa on arrival at the airport free of charge.
  • Jordan – If you’re a British Citizen you can obtain a visa on arrival free of charge.
  • Malaysia – If you’re a British Citizen you can obtain a visa on arrival at the airport free of charge.
  • Russia – If you go on one of our organised shore excursions, you’re covered by a group visa. But if you wish to go ashore independently you’ll need to obtain your own visa prior to your cruise.

Please note:

Oman If you’re a British Citizen and you are flying in or out of Oman, then you will need to apply for a 26A Tourist Visit Visa for 5 Omani Rials before you travel. This must be done at least one week prior to arriving in Oman and will be valid for one month from the date of purchase.

USA If you’re a British Citizen and travelling on an itinerary that includes an American port of call, you’ll need to apply for an ESTA – at least 72 hours before you travel. This lets you visit without the need for a visa and it’s open to all citizens of visa waiver countries, which includes the UK.

India A visa is required prior to arrival in India and must be obtained prior to travel. To make sure your eVisa is valid for entry into India, please do not submit your documents to CIBT no earlier than 3 months before entry.

Sri Lanka A transit electronic visa is required and must be obtained prior to arrival.

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