Cunard Visa Service 

Cunard is pleased to recommend CIBTvisas as their Passport & Visa service provider.
You can download and print the Visa Application Pack from the list below so as to obtain the correct travel visa for your upcoming trip.
  • The Visa Application Packs are for UK passport holders (British Citizens) who require a visa for their cruise.
  • Non-UK passport holders can click on the Visas tab (on the top of this screen) in order to review the requirements for their nationality.
  • You can contact CIBTvisas by email at [email protected] or by calling 0207 620 6998
    Please identify yourself as a Cunard client to ensure you are provided with the correct visa information and discounted rates.

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Certain countries allow Cunard to acquire group entry visas for all guests on board the ship.  

An additional cost may be incurred for the provision of this service which will be added to your shipboard account.

Visas not required or obtained on arrival, when arriving on board a Cunard cruise ship:

  • Cambodia, Cape Verde, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Oman, Papua New Guinea, UAE, Vietnam

 Please note:

  • South Africa: If your itinerary includes a call into South Africa, or you are joining or leaving the ship in South Africa and you are travelling with children, there are specific immigration requirements that you will need to fulfil. For further information please go to:
  • China: Guests embarking or disembarking in Hong Kong after (or before proceeding with) an overland excursion into China must apply for a tourist visa prior to arrival.  A visa is not required for Hong Kong.
  • Sanya: If you are participating in an organised Cunard shore excursion in Sanya, Cunard will arrange a group visa to cover you for the duration of your excursion.   However, an individual Chinese tourist visa is required if you intend to go ashore independently in Sanya. The requirement for a Chinese visa will be strictly enforced and you will be denied boarding if you do not have this visa on embarkation.  If you are only visiting Sanya as part of your itinerary and you are participating in a shore excursion pre-arranged by the ship, you do not need to apply for a Chinese visa in advance of travel.
  • India: Guests visiting India by ship are required to have a valid Indian Visa. Please check the requirements approximately three months prior to your departure. Please note, Indian visas are valid from the date they are issued, rather than the date of arrival into India so it is important to check the validity and ensure you are not applying too early for your visa.   
  • Turkey: A visa is not required for day trips to mainland Turkey, however if you are joining the ship or ending your cruise in Turkey you are required to obtain a visa in advance of travel.
  • Sri Lanka: A transit electronic visa is required and must be obtained prior to arrival.
  • Russia: guests embarking or disembarking in St.Petersburg, Russia will need to obtain a visa in advance of departure. However, a visa is not required prior to arrival if you are only participating in shore excursions which are organised by Cunard.
  • Oman: Important to check your itinerary, as a visa may not be required depending on how long you will spend in the country. 
  • Indonesia : Important to check your itinerary, as a visa may not be required depending on how long you will spend in the country.

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