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Embassy Operating Procedure
The Angola High Commission only accepts lodgings on a Monday and Tuesday and only allows collections on a Thursday and Friday.

Sample of the Tourist Travel Requirements for an Angola Visa for UK Citizens

  1. Passport

    The applicant's actual signed passport. The passport must:

    • Have at least two consecutive blank visa pages. Passport pages must be consecutive and opposite each other
    • Be valid six months beyond entry date

  2. Photograph(s)

    You must provide two colour, passport type photographs that meet the following criteria:

    • Be taken within the last three months and printed on high quality photo paper
    • Be taken against an all white background
    • Be 35 mm by 45mm in size
    • Provide the full frontal view of your head with your face centered in the middle and displaying a neutral (non-smiling) expression
    • You may wear neither spectacles nor headwear except for religious purposes
    • Your photos should not be affixed to your application or display evidence of adhesive or staples

  3. Proof of Employment

    A letter from the applicant's employer confirming employment. This letter must:

    • Be on company letterhead paper
    • Include the name of the applicant
    • Confirm that the applicant is an employee of the company
    • Specify the purpose of journey
    • State the applicant's expected return to work date
    • Be typed and signed in the original by the applicant's supervisor or their HR department

    A sample Proof of Employment Letter can be found in the Application Pack

  4. Proof of Address

    Evidence of UK address. This must be shown as a colour copy of one of the following documents:

    • A recent council tax bill showing current UK address issued within the last three months
    • A recent water bill showing current UK address issued within the last three months
    • A recent gas bill showing current UK address issued within the last three months
    • A recent electric bill showing current UK address issued within the last three months
    • The applicant's full UK driving license showing current UK address

  5. Personal Statement

    This must be addressed to the Consular Section of the Angolan Embassy in London requesting the visa and declaring the reason for applying   

  6. Proof of Financial Means

    This must be provided as a colour copy of the first page of the applicant's current non-online bank statement issued within the last two months and showing a minimum credit balance of USD 200.00 per day of stay

  7. Proof of Travel Arrangements

    Details of travel arrangements. These must be provided as:

    • A copy of the hotel confirmation
    • A colour copy of the flight confirmation showing onward/return travel

  8. Medical Certificate

    One colour copy of the applicant's Certificate of International Vaccines: main page with the applicant's data and page including vaccine against yellow fever

  9. Yellow Fever Certificate

    One colour copy of yellow fever certificate

  10. Photocopy of Application Materials

    A high quality colour photocopy of every document provided including every page of the applicant's passport (other than empty pages)

  11. Visa Application Form

    One fully completed and signed application form. This form must:

    • Have no handwriting other than the signature and date
    • Provide answers for all question fields
    • Be printed in colour not in black and white 
    • Not be printed back to back

  12. CIBTvisas Order Confirmation

    Provide the CIBTvisas Order Form included in this kit.

    Please note that all card payments will only be made upon completion of the visa application process. 

  13. Early Retrieval Of Passports

    In an emergency the Embassy may return the passport but the process will be summarily cancelled and the applicant will have to re-submit the complete visa application including the payment. To withdraw the passport the applicant must send the request by email to CIBTvisas. The passport will be returned to CIBTvisas within 48 hours.

  14. Visiting Family/Friends

    Travellers staying with family or friends must provide a letter of invitation form the host. This letter must:

    • Be written in Portuguese
    • Include the applicant's full name, nationality, date and place of birth
    • Include the applicant's passport number and passport expiry date
    • Include the applicant's occupation
    • State the purpose of the stay
    • Include the inviting person's full name and address
    • Be signed

    If the host is not an Angolan citizen they must provide a copy of their passport identification pages and a copy of their residence permit or visa

Angola Visa

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