US Passports

Do you need to renew your US passport?  If you are a US passport holder, over the age of 18 and reside in the UK you can.

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To Renew Your US Passport You Will Need:  

  1. Completed passport application.  You must complete, sign and send to CIBTvisas the passport application form.
  2. Current US passport.  You must have a valid US passport.  The passport must be in good condition.  Applications with torn or damaged passports will be asked to attend in person.
  3. One passport photograph.  Passport applications must include one colour photograph of each applicant taken within the last month.  Passport photographs must be 2” by 2” (two inches by two inches) excluding any borders.


Need More Time?

Add an hour to your application time.  With Priority 6 Service all applications that are submitted to CIBTvisas between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm will be assessed that evening and submitted the next morning.  Choose Priority 6 Service.   

Case Study

A traveller discovered that his passport was outdated the morning of his trip.

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