Service Despatch Methods

Priority 6 Service

Priority 6 service provides customers with an extended opportunity to submit their application beyond standard working hours. If your application reaches us between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm, we will assess your application that evening.  Priority 6 service ensures that your application is assessed that evening and submitted to the embassy or consulate the next morning. Please note this service is not available for the following application types;

  • Russian applications
  • Schengen visa applications
  • Nigeria STR applications
  • Saudi applications
  • Any application that requires the form fill service
  • Legalisations

Out of Hours Service

CIBTvisas operates the UK’s only out of hours acceptance and processing service.  To accommodate our clients travel needs, CIBTvisas staffs an out of hours duty manager to assist clients with last minute or emergency travel visa and passport processing.  By appointment, work can be delivered to our office before or after normal business hours.  The CIBTvisas Out of Hours Service ensures that your client’s visa application is attended to that evening and ready for lodging the next day.

Airport Meet and Greet

CIBTvisas helps clients meet the tightest of travel deadlines with our Airport Meet & Greet Delivery services.  We will arrange for couriers to collect passports at the airport from arriving travellers in need of expedited processing.   We can also coordinate the delivery of passports for departing travellers who have applied for urgent last minute visas.

Same Day Submittals

Travelling last minute and need a visa right away?  CIBTvisas can accommodate your last minute travel needs with same day visa services.   CIBTvisas is able to accept your application, have it processed, and return your visa to you within one business day.  Most visa processing takes multiple days to complete however, some countries are able to issue a visa in as a little as 24 hours. 

CIBTvisas offers Same Day visa services for travellers in need of last-minute visas to the following countries:


Additional Service Delivery Methods

Overseas Courier
Secure Mail
Transworld Overnight Courier

Need More Time?

Add an hour to your application time.  With Priority 6 Service all applications that are submitted to CIBTvisas between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm will be assessed that evening and submitted the next morning.  Choose Priority 6 Service.   

Going to Australia?

Apply online and get an electronic visa for travel to Australia in seconds.   

An ETA will allow you to travel to Australia as many times as you want within 12 months from the date it is issued.



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